Att jobba med makeup och specialeffekter på videoproduktioner är något jag brinner för...

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Discoteka Yugostyle - Eagle Dangers (Offical)

Petra Shara Stoor: Created the Bird for this video
Year: 2012

I got an order to create a "Fantasy-cyborg-eagle-inspired-crazy- bird". This bird creation was for the band Discoteka Yugostyle and their music video project Eagle Dangers! I had fun while creating this crazy eagle, and they must have had a blast shooting this video.

Discoteka Yugostyle - Eagle Dangers - Official Music Video


Son Of A Kid - Destroy, Destroy (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Created Bird mask for this video
Production: Mats Udd
Year: 2011

Video artist/creator Mats Udd contacted me and asked if I could create a rather theatrical looking big bird mask for a man to wear. He wanted the mask to be inspired by "the Knife" and their style. Sure thing, I love mask work, and especially bird masks and feather creations, so I created this bird mask out of real rooster feathers and sent it to Mats.

He used it in this video for Son of a kid. I love when my mask work is featured in video productions, makes them come alive and kinda live on forever. Mats is great to work with, you might have seen the video he directed for Roxettes as well, called "She got nothing on".

Son Of A Kid - Destroy, Destroy


Takida - Haven Stay (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Head Makeup Artist and SFX-Makeup
Production: Box Room & Sladge Production
Year: 2011

I worked with Takida summer of 2011 on this video for Haven Stay. Actress Sara Sommerfeld was also part of this video, she plays the main character alongside Tomas Wallin who plays her husband, as well as being guitar player in Takida.

The video was shot in Ånge, not too far from where I live. Chris Rehn, the director of this video wanted to capture how life can pass us by so quickly if we do not appreciate the things we have here and now.

Chris wanted the husband in this video to stay the same age, while his wife gets older and older as time passes by. So my job was to create 5 different makeups/ age looks for Sara Sommerfeld, or the "wife" in this video. In the first makeup/age she is where she is now, in her early 30's and from there the makeup changes. My job was to make her look older and older and older, with SFX-makeup, different hairstyles and wardrobes.. she transfers from being very young til and old age where she passes away. 

This video was shot during one hot summers day, we arrived to the location early in the morning and worked all day, and all night. We did not finish until 5 am the next morning. The last shot we took was the one when Tomas jumps off the bridge, what a dare devil. I am afraid of heights, and I must say, I could never have done it. There is also a video " in the making of", where you can see us behind the scenes, creating and shooting this video. We had so much fun shooting this video! What a great day!

Takida - Haven Stay (Official Video)


Brandur - The Illusion Of (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Created Black & White bird masks
Production: SoFo Records
Year: 2011

I was contacted by Leo Josefsson the director of this music video for Brandur. Leo had an idea about having two bird inspired masks created for this video, on dark mask for the male dancer to wear and a white beautiful creation for the female dancer.. Well, for some reason I have been asked to create quite a few bird masks, It has kinda become a signature mask trade mark of mine. I worked out the design, got a green light from Leo and started to create these masks.

Leo wished for the masks to be a bit wild and crazy, inspired of birds but not necessary looking like real birds. So I added my twist of fantasy to them. I worked out the design in paper mache´ clay, painted them, added details and then a whole lot of work put into adding real authentic feathers from roosters on them both. One mask with black feathers, one with white. One male, one female. When finished I sent them off to Leo. Here is the result of the video. The dancers wearing my bird mask creations. Again, as I have said before, I love creating mask work for videos. The masks comes alive in a different way than when seen in a photo. It makes me proud to see my work live and kicking. Living on forever. Rather sentimental and it makes me proud, but that is how it is.


The Amplifetes - Blinded By The Moonlight Official (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Created female Robot for this video
Production: Mattias Johansson
Year: 2011

Mattias Johansson contacted me and asked me if I knew how to create a robot. He needed a robot for a music video for the group The Amplifetes. Sure thing I said. I had never created a robot before, but how difficult could it be? Well, I discovered later that it was rather difficult. But at the same time so much fun. Mattias had a vision of a trashed, half broken silver coloured female robot, half her body was gone and he wanted her eyes to glow red and then later on in the video... die out. I borrowed my friend Stefan's workshop and his tools to be able to create this robot, so I want to thank you Stefan for all your help on this project.

I spent most of my days and nights that week creating this Robot I later named Wencoraa- " The girl of the future". Her eyes were glowing red, her arms were trashed, her armour once shining now looking a bit worn out... and she was part of this video. I still miss her. She was a special creation of mine. Later on Mattias released a remix version of the official video, and there Wencoraa gets more spotlight.

The Amplifetes - Blinded By The Moonlight Official

Remixvideo to The Amplifetes-Blinded by the moonlight (Fukkk Offf Remix). By Mattias Erik Johansson and Erik Ande.

RAUBTIER - En Hjältes Väg (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Head Makeup Artist
Production: Populate
Year: 2011

This was the second time I worked with the band Raubtier, and this time Populate was behind the production of this video. E-type was also asked to take part in this video, alongside with many characters who got called in to act as fighters and warriors. This group of people were very talented, part of a group that performs role play and sets up medieval shows and war scenes from medieval times. The video was shoot outside the first day. This was a rather cold day, so we were all dressed up and I had my makeup with me and we used my car and other cars as a "studio" since there was no inside studio to work in

There was a lot of fighting involved in this video, so me and my assistant Anna created sfx-wound on many of the actors, they lined up and we gave them different wounds and loads of fake blood. E-type, another Swedish musician, who also took part in this music video, played one of the main characters and he got his share of SFX makeup and wounds as well. He plays the part of the hero that dies in the end. The next day we shot the rest of the my part in this video, inside location in a house, with the mum, dad and son featured in the video. The son gets badly beaten and bullied in school, so he got my special treatment of sfx-makeup and wounds as well. All in all, I could write so much about the creation of this video, there were so many characters and such a great big team involved... but instead I suggest you check the video out. Once again, a pleasure working with Raubtier and Populate...

RAUBTIER - En Hjältes Väg (Official)



Petra Shara Stoor: Head Makeup Artist
Production: Populate
Year: 2010

This was the first video I worked with Raubtier on. This video was directed by Bingo Rimér and he wanted to create this mad mob of people chasing this hip hop lad running for his life. The "Hip hop youngster was played by dancer Nicky, also now know as "Big Brother Nicky" . In this video you also see Paradise hotel winner 2010 Jackie Ferm, she plays the part of the "prostitute" in this video.

This day was mad, there was this mob of body builders dressed in black hoods running on set with axes, there was trashing of TVs, cars and chainsaws, barking killer dogs, prostitutes and hip hop lad running and later his head rolls. Well, what a day, had so much fun and it was great fun working with Raubtier and being able to take part of this video. I was in charge of the makeup and sfx-effect makeup and I also created the head that is cut off in the end of the video. Well, you can see for your self if you check the video out. This video was shot in a studio in Stockholm and we spent all day and night working on it!


SISTER SIN "Outrage" Music Video (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Head Makeup Artist
Year: 2010

I worked with Sister Sin as head makeup artist for this video to their song " Outrage". Now this was a crazy fun day. The video was shot in a studio in Stockholm, where they had rigged for the band to be hanging upside down from the ceiling. The director wanted this shot and performance from the band, since he wanted to create the effect of a "snake pit", where dancers and a "gollum- creature" climbs in the ceiling. Also the effect of being weightless was what he was after.

My job when the band was hanging up side down was for these scenes to pin down everything that was "loose": clothes, hair, so that gravity would not drag these items to the floor. This was not too easy on the makeup or for the band, as the band members were moving upside down, blood was rushing to their heads, and they kicked proper ass when they had to perform the song upside down half of the day. I was in charge of the makeup and brought with me Sara Söderberg to assist me with this, since there were quite a few dancers in this video too, so we had our hand full all day, but had such a blast!

SISTER SIN "Outrage" Music Video


Norma Bates - 40 Days (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Head Makeup Artist
Production: Milan Ovrlinic
Year: 2010

This music video, so much fun to work on this one. Well, I love music videos and being part of them. Milan Ovrlinic contacted me to work with him and Norma Bates on this music video, he needed SFX makeup created on the band members. Milan wanted to create a fight, but with a twist. A fight where there are happy faces but the faces gets bruises and hits and blood is everywhere in the end of the video.

I love SFX makeup, love creating wounds and cuts and how fun isn't that to get to use a lot of fake blood creating smashed up faces with makeup. I just love my job and what you can create with makeup! I brought with my assistant Anna, who helped me with this job since SFX makeup does take longer than ordinary makeup. We had a blast, the video was shot in Stockholm, in a school basement.


Leo Flavum - Rummage (Official)

Petra Shara Stoor: Makeup, Masks and Production
Production: Petra Shara Stoor
Year: 2011

Leo Flavum, musician, author and a good friend of mine released a single called Rummage. I lent my vocals to this song and collaborated with Leo here so we decided to also create a music video to this song.

So, I wrote the script and put on the directors hat and summoned a hell of a lot of people to help us create this vision of the video we had for the song. As I work with makeup and mask I decided to create mask work and go a bit wild. So all the masks, makeup and headpiece you can see in the video are my creations. We built crosses, cages and scouted for great locations to shoot this video in. Roadside Picnic filmed it all and edited the video for us. Awesome work!

My sister Janina created costumes for the video! Thomas Von Wachenfeldt joined us to play the fiddle in the video, since he plays the fiddle in the song, love his work! Susanna Sterner, professional dancer did the choreography, love that chic, Johanna Sandström, who plays the girl did such a great job capturing her characters emotions. All the scare crows and their great effort put into wearing my masks and acting in them all day long, fab bunch of youngsters to work with! Johan Wanselius who was in charge of everything working on set, Stefan Lundholm for your technical skills and all your help, Britt-Marie Sallander who made sure we ate the best food ever, .. We cannot thank you all enough!

All in all, we had so much fun creating this video, we shot it in Gränsfors Hälsingland, during 4 days all in all and the local newspaper wrote about it and referred to me as being a witch and performing some kind of witch hunt. How funny isn't that, it still makes me laugh. I want to thank everyone who was involved in the making of this video, they are all credited in the end of the video!

Leo Flavum single Rummage, from the forthcoming album The Persistence Of Vision.